Restorative Research, Innovation & Education Lab

The Restorative Research, Innovation and Education Lab, or the Restorative Lab, at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law was founded in the spring of 2020. We are both a “virtual” change lab creating the knowledge needed for social innovation across systems and sites in Canada and around the world and a physical lab serving as a hub for researchers, partners, and communities to convene and work together. We are focused on supporting collaboration and learning to foster innovation, aimed at realizing a more just and inclusive world through a restorative approach.

Learn more about what it means to take a principled restorative approach.

The Restorative Lab aims to help organizations, systems, and communities take a restorative approach to secure justice and improve quality of life for people.

A hub for researchers, policymakers and practitioners to come to learn, explore, and expand new applications for a restorative approach.

Meet the Director, Staff, Associates, Fellows, and Visitors who contribute to the Restorative Lab.

The Restorative Lab is founded on deep partnerships and collaborations among individuals, organizations, institutions, and systems in government and community that are core to achieving a more just society.