Our Approach

A Restorative Approach

An approach that is truly “restorative” pays attention to the importance of connection and relationship among people, groups, communities and systems. It is not focused on justice and care as narrowly defined within the current systems. It is aimed at establishing just relations that create strong and healthy communities, social wellbeing, and inclusive economies

It is a human-centred transformative approach focused on understanding and responding to the impacts on and needs of affected individuals and communities. This proactive and future-focused approach brings people together to find meaningful and lasting just solutions to some of our most pressing social problems. 

Core Principles

The Restorative Lab’s focus on a restorative approach seeks to challenge the status quo and existing historical structures. The Lab reflects the core principles of a restorative approach in all its work with an emphasis on:

  • inclusive, participatory and collaborative ways of working
  • building just and sustainable connections across current silos and divisions
  • supporting integrative and holistic responses to complex social issues, and
  • problem-solving, forward-focused orientation to innovation for social change.

Resource Highlight:

Relational Theory – Restorative Principles for Practice

Jennifer Llewellyn, Viscount Bennett Professor of Law at the Schulich School of Law, discusses the future of restorative justice in Canada at the National Restorative Justice Symposium in Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 21–22, 2016.