Our Lab

The Restorative Lab

The physical Lab space is a hub for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and community leaders to come and learn, explore and expand new applications and horizons for a restorative approach in support of justice and social transformation and community wellbeing

The Lab hosts short and long-term visiting researchers and practitioners, graduate and post-graduate fellows and research associates from a range of disciplines and fields.  

Local to Global

The Lab is located in Nova Scotia, a national and international leader in a restorative approach, to help accelerate the growth of research, policy and practice. Nova Scotia is a unique location to conduct research and seed and develop innovations that can be scaled up and shared. The restorative culture and community in the province is connected nationally and internationally, and presents unprecedented opportunities to explore, develop and implement a restorative approach in law, policy and practice and at levels of institutions and systems.

Living Lab

Nova Scotia is an ideal ‘living lab’. It is large enough to produce relevant results statistically, but small enough to be nimble for innovation and implementation. It is also committed to working collaboratively with other jurisdictions to mobilize knowledge and experience in support of similar innovations elsewhere.

Virtual Lab

The Lab is a virtual change Lab.  Together with partners around the world the Restorative Lab supports innovation and application of a restorative approach to tackle complex problems and realize just and sustainable communities.