Our Partners and Collaborators


The Restorative Lab is founded in deep partnerships and collaborations among individuals, organizations, institutions and systems in government and community that are core to achieving a more just and inclusive society.  We work closely with a broad range of partners in Canada and internationally committed to taking a restorative approach to tackle complex social problems and challenges and realize transformative and lasting outcomes.

Funding Partners

The Lab is poised to undertake this significant work with the help of our generous funding partners who have made possible our dedicated physical lab space, programming, and a Chair in Restorative Justice to ensure intellectual leadership for the lab.


Nova Scotia Government

We have close collaborations and partnerships with the Government of Nova Scotia through the Office of Citizen Centered Approaches. Our partnerships range from the Office of the Status of Women, the Department of Justice, Community Services, Communities Culture and Heritage, Education, Seniors and more.


Community connections are vital to a restorative approach. In Nova Scotia and beyond, we are excited to work with community partners to accelerate the use of a restorative approach and work toward justice transformation.



The Restorative Lab works together with an international network of university-based centres dedicated to research and education on restorative justice and a restorative approach to support collaborative learning and capacity building opportunities for policymakers, community leaders and practitioners across Canada and internationally to support taking a restorative approach across systems and communities. These centres include: