Our Work

Restorative Research Innovation and Education Lab in Action

The Restorative Lab ultimately aims to help organizations, systems, and communities take a restorative approach that will improve quality of life for people and communities, in our backyard and around the world, with a focus on justice and care for those who have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized

The Lab serves as both a physical and virtual change lab convening key stakeholders in an active space that supports working together for change in real-time by learning from experience as we go.

Our work involves:

  • Mobilizing knowledge to inspire, support and study social innovation in real time;
  • Building relationships and facilitating collaboration and integration of work across systems, sectors and communities;
  • Developing and providing independent expertise and advice to systems, institutions, and organizations;
  • Supporting and sustaining application of a restorative approach locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Accelerating development and growth of a restorative approach through research, innovation, education, and capacity building.

By growing expertise in the successful implementation of a restorative approach, teaching and sharing our knowledge with others, and supporting communities to realize systemic change through a restorative approach, we will increase opportunities, mutual understanding, collaboration, and help to reimagine broken, ineffective systems and structures. All of this helps build an inclusive world where all are valued, connected, and engaged.

Focus areas: