Research and Innovation

Making a Difference

The Restorative Lab is leading and collaborating on initiatives and projects to mobilize, and generate knowledge, and take action in real time across sectors and societies locally, nationally and internationally to support social change and transformation.

Our work applies a restorative approach to complex social issues in ways that are principled and innovative. Our research, projects and initiatives are supported by strong collaborations with partners  locally and around the world.

In addition to building understanding and capacity for a restorative approach generally, our efforts focus on several interconnected and overlapping areas or themes. Restorative principles provide a common thread guiding all our work with attention to relationship, connection, meaningful inclusion, and social equality. 

Much of our work at the Restorative Lab is about supporting institutions and systems to shift from an approach that centres system needs to one that is human centred and addresses institutional climate and culture.
The Restorative Lab works with communities, Human Rights Commissions and governments across the world to address harms and injustices. We support a restorative way forward which focuses on creating just relations and transforming systems.

The Restorative Lab supports the continued development and work of the Restorative International Learning Community.  A network of leading experts, policymakers, community leaders, practitioners supporting jurisdictions around the world that are committed to becoming restorative.